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• Integration Management
• Infrastructure Service (IaaS)
• Plateforme Service (PaaS)
• Software Service (SaaS)
• Externalisation des services et services métiers
• Continuité des services
• Replication et Backup
• Reprise dʼActivité à la demande
• Sauvegarde Hors Site
• Gestion déléguée des services de sécurité
• Gestion des dépenses en télécommunications
• Gestion des services d’entreprise
• Virtualisation des bureaux


• Companies
• Administrations


Technical services and d'infrastructure to design and produce your IT as a Service.
SI Management lived! In 2019, businesses, users consume IT services intuitive and opportunistic.
Their objective ? Respond quickly to the emergence of new business requirements. They deny that technology is a brake.

Go for cloud services seems so easy that users often forget the consequences. To enable their business to create new business models and a successful digital transformation - while securing their existing - IT departments become aggregators services, whether produced internally or in the cloud.

But in all cases, CIOs must now rely on infrastructure and flexible technologies, adapted to their new needs. These technical means are based on service models, both financial and charged with use, integrated technology or management. They allow you to build and operate an information system "as a Service".

SANCFIS by offering three complementary offers, assists CIOs in this background processing influencing the same way to consume the technical and IT infrastructure:

Smart User Experience

Used to provide users of the ISD "experience" more than just service. This approach "omni-device" promotes the creation of business value by ensuring the presence of ISD services throughout the production chain, from the user and its multiple facilities, to the data center.


Releases the business infrastructure constraints. It offers CIOs the ability to provide on-demand technical and infrastructure services tailored to businesses without technical constraints, always at the right time

and in compliance with legal requirements.

Integration Management

Aims to unlock the potential of the ecosystem of the ISD. Given the multiplicity of suppliers, difficult to keep an overview?

Integration Management brings to the ISD a unified view of all stakeholders: from design to integration and operation, through the development.

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